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Queanbeyan teen pleads not guilty to killing his 10-year-old brother

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A Queanbeyan teenager charged with accidentally killing his little brother has pleaded not guilty to the offence.

The 16-year-old appeared in Queanbeyan Children’s Court on Tuesday, where he is charged with assault causing the death of his 10-year-old brother.

The charge was introduced recently as part of legislation designed to address the problem of one-punch attacks.

On the same day the Queanbeyan teenager pleaded not guilty to the offence, a Newcastle court recorded the first conviction of a person under the new legislation.

In the Newcastle case, the man was charged with manslaughter, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of assault causing death. He will be sentenced in June.

The Queanbeyan incident occurred on May 23, 2016. It is alleged the teenager grabbed hold of the 10-year-old’s wrist and punched him in the ribs. The younger boy attempted to get away when the teenager allegedly pushed him, causing the boy to hit his head on the corner of a door frame.

The 16-year-old and his mother commenced CPR on the boy, however he was pronounced dead at the Canberra Hospital days after the incident when his life support was switched off.

Previously in court, the boy’s solicitor Michael Bartlett said the autopsy found the 10-year-old had a tissue disorder affecting his cerebral artery.

While a second opinion was sought on the previously undiagnosed brain condition, Mr Bartlett said he’d been told the expert view of the forensic psychologist who diagnosed the condition “doesn’t need to be questioned”.

Following the not guilty plea, both parties agreed the matter needed to be committed to trial because it was a homicide.

But the parties could not immediately decide which superior court should hear the matter.

Mr Bartlett called for the matter to be heard in the district court, where he said other matters with maximum 20-year sentences were heard.

The crown prosecutor suggested the matter should be committed to the supreme court, as this charge was a “statutory alternative” to murder and manslaughter.

The court concluded the case would be heard in the district court.

An application to waive a committal hearing was granted and the case will proceed in May.

‘Lost the biggest bet’: Gambling king convicted of insider trading

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Four times, authorities went after famed Las Vegas sports gambler William T. Walters, and four times the man known as Billy emerged victorious.

But on Friday, Walters’ luck turned, as a federal jury in Manhattan convicted him on fraud and conspiracy charges in one of the biggest insider trading trials in years.

“To say that I was surprised would be the understatement of my life,” Walters, 70, told reporters as he left the courtroom.

“If I would have made a bet I would have lost. I just did lose the biggest bet of my life. Frankly I’m in total shock.”

His lawyer, Barry Berke, said he would appeal the verdict.

Walters, one of the most successful professional sports gamblers in the country, was accused in the latest case against him of using non-public information from Thomas Davis, a board member of Dean Foods of Dallas, to make more than $US40 million from 2008 to 2014 by realising profits and avoiding losses.

The investigation into Walters’ activities and subsequent trial drew in prominent figures like Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor and unpaid adviser to President Donald Trump, and Phil Mickelson, the champion professional golfer. Swift decision

The conviction of Walters lifted something of a cloud that had hung over the US attorney’s office in Manhattan since December 2014, when a federal appeals court threw out the insider trading convictions of two hedge fund managers. That ruling led prosecutors to vacate the convictions and guilty pleas of several other people.

The verdict against Walters was also a coda to a series of insider trading prosecutions led by Preet Bharara, the former US attorney for the Southern District of New York who was fired days before the trial began.

The jurors in Walters’ case reached their decision after deliberating for a little more than half a day, rendering a swift decision in a trial that lasted 14 days spread over four weeks.

The quickness of the verdict vindicated the government’s trial strategy, including a decision to give a central role to Davis, an acknowledged embezzler and philanderer who had pleaded guilty to several offences connected to the insider trading scheme.

Davis, the government’s main witness, had his credibility repeatedly called into question by lawyers for Walters. The defense team said Walters had been falsely implicated by Davis, who was desperate to escape punishment for his own misdeeds.

One juror interviewed outside the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan where the trial was held said that he and the rest of the jury had not been swayed by that argument.

“We looked at his credibility,” the juror, Lonnie Drinks, said of Davis. “Everything was factored.”

Walters was convicted of 10 charges of securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy, the most serious of which carry a potential sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

“Armed with his illegal edge, Walters made huge, perfectly timed trades, at times accounting for over a third of the trading volume in Dean Foods stock,” Joon Kim, the acting US attorney in Manhattan, said in a statement.

“In engaging in his yearslong stock fraud scheme, Walters underestimated law enforcement’s resolve to pursue and catch those who cheat the market.”

Walters, who was once profiled by “60 Minutes” because of his betting prowess, was not the only big name to come up during his trial. The Icahn connection

Icahn emerged in testimony and court filings as having had frequent discussions with Walters. A broker for Walters testified on cross-examination that some of Walter’s stock-trading ideas had come from Icahn, who was not charged with wrongdoing.

During a hearing outside the presence of the jury, one of Walters’ lawyers told the judge that Walters and Icahn were friends.

The lawyer, Paul Schoeman, added: “Mr. Walters has a long history of investing in stocks that Mr Icahn has publicly announced he’s interested in.”

Mickelson was also mentioned during the trial as someone who had traded in Dean Foods shares and once owed nearly $US2 million in gambling debts to Walters.

Mickelson made roughly $US1 million trading Dean Foods shares; he agreed to forfeit those profits in a related civil case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Known as “Lefty” for his left-handed stroke, Mickelson was not criminally charged. Though he was once seen as a potential witness at Walters’ trial, he was never called to testify. Tips on the Bat Phone

Prosecutors said that Walters had tried to hide his actions by supplying Davis with a prepaid mobile phone called the Bat Phone to use while conveying secret information and by sometimes speaking in code.

During the trial, prosecutors displayed phone logs and trading records, and an agent with the FBI testified that Walters sometimes made major trades within moments of speaking with Davis on the phone.

For instance, the agent testified, Davis and Walters spoke on the phone for 10 minutes one day in 2008 beginning at 12:54 pm. At 1:05 pm, Walters bought 462,200 shares of Dean Foods stock for about $US9.3 million.

Davis provided Walters with secret Dean Food information about future earnings statements, the planned purchase of another company and a pending initial public offering, prosecutors said.

At the same time, Walters arranged for loans of nearly $US1 million to Davis, who had financial problems and repaid only a small portion of what he borrowed, prosecutors said. ‘Babe Ruth of Risk’

Defense lawyers offered a contrasting account. They said that Walters was a skilled and fearless trader, referred to by one of his brokers as “the Babe Ruth of Risk,” who did not need inside information. Davis, Walters’ lawyers said, was trying to save himself by maligning Walters.

The competing narratives were on display throughout the trial. Davis testified that he had acted as a “virtual conduit” of secrets and had supplied Walters with an “enormous” amount of information.

At one point, Davis said, Walters provided him with the Bat Phone to use while communicating about Dean Foods, adding that later he had thrown it into a creek after federal agents visited his home.

Davis also testified that Walters sometimes spoke in code, using “Dallas Cowboys” to refer to Dean Foods and asking “How’s the milkman doing?” when inquiring about the company, then the country’s largest dairy processor.

Defense lawyers cross-examined Davis at length, eliciting acknowledgments that he had been squeezed for money, had taken $US100,000 from a charity he ran, had mislabelled expenses on his taxes and had lied to many people, including investigators with the SEC.

Walters’ lawyers suggested that Davis had misled prosecutors about his sports gambling habits and his contact with prostitutes, at one point reading into the record phone numbers for escort services in Chicago, Denver, New York and San Francisco that Davis, who told prosecutors he had not hired prostitutes in recent years, had called in 2010, 2011 and 2014.

Berke also questioned the existence of what he called the “so-called Bat Phone,” which was never recovered, pointing out that Davis had first told prosecutors that it was black before then testifying at trial that it was maroon.

The New York Times

Tigers stars align to topple Eagles

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Richmond coach Damien Hardwick was smiling after his side outlasted West Coast at the MCG on Saturday afternoon.

It was a performance won more through grit than polish, ably led by his side’s four best players – Alex Rance, Dustin Martin, Jack Riewoldt and Trent Cotchin all outstanding – but with solid performances from his second tier.

“I thought our first half was a bit untidy, we looked a little bit flat,” he said. “We challenged our boys a little bit at half-time, and I thought all of our leaders stood tall – Trent, Jack, Alex, and then Dusty came to the fore as well.”

It wasn’t just about the leaders. Reece Conca continued his fine start to the season, and at the fall of the ball, the Tigers’ small forwards were dangerous. Daniel Rioli had nine touches, but his impact was undeniable, his agility and balance sublime, his third-quarter goal brilliant.

But it was the Tigers’ determination to hunt the ball inside the contest that outworked the Eagles.

“I thought we got our mix right of our inside and then guarding the outside,” Hardwick said.

“They hurt us a little bit on the outside early. I thought Lambert did a terrific job on Mitchell from about halfway through the second quarter, which probably stifled them a little bit, but I was really pleased that our guys, when challenged, lifted the bar.”

Adam Simpson acknowledged that his side had been beaten for intensity around the ball.

“Our poor intent in the third really cost us. We probably should have been hurt by that a bit more, but hard-ball gets – your ability to stick our head over the ball when it really mattered – went away from us in that third quarter in particular. Having said that, the game was still on the line right up until the last five minutes.”

The Eagles have just a five-day break before they take on Sydney, who are in the unfamiliar position of being without a win after three rounds, but Simpson said he expected no more from the Swans’ renowned hardness than any other side.

“I think every team wants pressure and intensity in the contest and to win the contested ball,” he said.

“That’s coming every week. The Saints were the same last week; North the same round one. So that’s just a given now, I don’t think it’s any team’s particular style, just some teams are better than others. We’ve got to move on pretty quick. On Monday we’ll start working on the opposition with our players.

“We’ll take some positives out of today, but we’ll also take some big areas of improvement and like I said, Richmond were consistent all day in that area of the game, and in the end it’s hurt us.”

Richmond, by contrast, are three and zip. Next week, they take on an improving Brisbane on the road: win that, and you have to go back to 1995 for the last time the Tigers opened a season with four straight. “Brisbane are actually playing some pretty good footy at the moment, have taken it up to a couple of sides,” Hardwick said.

“It’s always tough going interstate, but we travel pretty well, so we look forward to that challenge up on their hostile deck.”

Sense Of Occasion to Kris Lees proves $1 million move for Newcastle owners

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IN THE FRAME: Sense Of Occasion, second from left, finishes third to Winx, right, and Hartnell, left, on Saturday. Picture: bradleyphotos苏州夜总会招聘.auSENSE Of Occasion’s Newcastle owners weren’t sure if they would win another race with the horse before they asked local trainer Kris Lees to take him on midway through last year.
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In nine starts for Lees, Sense Of Occasion has now won $969,190, including$400,000 for finishing third to Winx and Hartnell in the Queen Elizabeth Stakes (2000 metres) on Saturday at Randwick. It followed $300,000 for third in the Doncaster a weekearlier in a career which has returned $1,267,020 in 32 starts.

“He’s been amazing,” part-owner Stephen Bilich said of Lees’ work with the $80,000 gelding. “We’ve got a cheque every time the horse has raced and to be honest with you, we weren’t sure we wereever going to win another race.We asked Kris to take the horse and he said he’dlove to, and he’s just transformed him.

“He’s just worked the horse out. He said from day one that he had a feeling the horse needs his runs spaced out, and that’s what he’s done and the horse has thrived.”

Ownership manager Anthony Hall and part-ownersLarry Curtis, Elaine Wragge, Derek Hall, David Blunden, Roddy Scott and Bilich all have ties to Newcastle.

“He’s pretty much a Newcastle horse which I think people are warming too as well, and they are getting behind him now,” Bilich said.

Bilich said the group had also profited fromSense Of Occasion’s underdog status in the betting ring.

“His Villiers win just stamped him as something out of the ordinary, but the press have never picked up on it,” he said.

“He’s been friendless in both his recent starts, which hasn’t worried us because we don’t mind a bet and we’ve had a nice time.”

A Brisbane winter campaign now beckons for Sense Of Occasion, which won the group 2 Villiers Stakes last December only a few weeks afterpart-owner and former Newcastle Jockey Club vice-chairman and life memberJoe Wragge died.

“There’s sadness involved because a good mate of ours, John Wragge, passed away last year,” Bilich said.

“He was the major shareholder in the horse. But his wife, Elaine, she is pretty proactive with it now and getting a thrill out of it.”

The owners are now eyeing even more success.

“That was his first attempt at weight for age on Saturday and he certainly stepped up to the plate,” Bilich said.

“No one was going to beat Winx, she’s the best horse in the world, and Hartnell is the second highest rated in .

“And [Jockey] Corey [Brown] thought he could havebeaten Hartnell, but he got held up at avital stage.”

Sense Of Occasion started with the now lateGuy Walter before stints with Joe Pride and Tony McEvoy.

“They just did things differently and it obviously didn’t agree with the horse,” Bilich said.

“We’ve got no axes to grind or anything like that, he just needed a change and Kris has just been amazing with him.

“Obviously, we’re just stoked.Every part of the way with Kris has been a pleasure and his communication is second to none.

“I’ve got horses with several different trainers, and I’ve got a small breeding operation, so you get to see how they all do things,but of all of them, I’ve got Kris right up there.”

The success for the Newcastle ownership group originated from a lucky call on theirway home from the 2012 Inglis n Easter Yearling Sale.

“New Zealand bloodstock agent Paul Beamish put us onto him,” Bilich said.

“We went to the sale and had a look at him. Paulthought he’d go for about $160,000, which is more than we wanted topay, and on the way home Anthony got a call saying he was up to 70 something and do you want to have bid.

“We said to go to 80 and not a cent more and he was knocked down to us for that.”

Two teenagers charged with Queanbeyan crime rampage refused bail

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NSW police officers and SES personnel attend the scene of a fatal stabbing at the Queanbeyan Caltex service station. Photo by Karleen Minney. Photo: Karleen MinneyOne of two teenage boys allegedly involved in a terrifying crime spree, including the fatal stabbing of a service station attendant, was on bail at the time having previously been charged with a violent sexual assault with a weapon.
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The 15- and 16-year-old youths appeared in a Sydney court on Sunday charged with murder, robbery, wound with intent, carjacking and aggravated break and enter with intent following a spate of offences on Thursday night and Friday morning in Queanbeyan, near the ACT border.

The older boy is also charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He was already on bail for aggravated sexual assault with a weapon and is due to face trial later this year.

Officers from the Joint Counter-Terrorism Taskforce are investigating if the most recent incidents are terror-related. Neither boy has been charged with any terrorism related offence.

They appeared before Parramatta Children’s Court on Sunday via videolink. They did not apply for bail and it was formally refused. They will reappear in court on Tuesday, again via videolink.

Court documents show the youths, both from the suburb of Queanbeyan, are charged with the murder of petrol station attendant Zeeshan Akbar between 8pm and 11.59pm on Thursday. They are further charged with robbing Mr Akbar of a cash drawer.

Police allege the youths then entered a house on Stornaway Road, Queanbeyan with the intention of stealing. Inside the older boy allegedly assaulted and inflicted bodily harm on the occupant.

A few hours later, between 3am and 7am, the youths entered a silver Ford Falcon sedan before allegedly assaulting the driver.

NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn on Friday said there was some evidence the spree could be terror-related or linked to drugs.

“We have two teenagers in custody and sufficient information to believe the actions of one of those teenagers may be related to terrorism,” she said.

“That information comes from physical evidence at the scene and other sources.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Friday that the circumstances of the stabbing warranted the involvement of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team.

Police have told Fairfax Media that the victim’s blood was used to scrawl letters, possibly saying ISIS, on the window of the Caltex service station.

Fairfax Media understands the mother of the 16-year-old boy told police she thought her son had been radicalised in recent weeks, but no concrete links to religious extremism have emerged so far.

It’s understood the 16-year-old had made concerning Facebook posts related to Islamic State in recent weeks.

However, he also has a history of committing petty offences around the Queanbeyan area and allegedly had issues with the drug ice.

with Rachel Olding

Man charged following fatal crash near Goulburn

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Police have charged a man with negligent driving after a fatal crash in Tarago near Goulburn on Saturday.
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Shortly before 4pm emergency services were called to Braidwood Road, about 100 metres south of the Loaded Dog hotel, following reports a motor vehicle collided with the rear of a motorcycle, which was travelling towards Goulburn.

The rider of the motorcycle, a 43-year-old woman from Albion Park, died at the scene.

The second rider, a 45-year-old man, also of Albion Park, was uninjured.

The driver of the Toyota Hilux utility, a 27-year-old Goulburn man was also uninjured. He was also travelling toward Goulburn at the time.

Police from the Hume Local Area Command attended and established a crime scene. Detectives and crime scene officers also attended.

Police said the crash happened in the area where the 100km/h speed zone drops to 60km/h approaching the town.

About 4.30pm on Saturday officers arrested the 27-year-old man at the scene. He was taken to Goulburn Base Hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing.

The man was taken to Goulburn Police Station where he was charged with negligent driving occasioning death.

He was granted conditional bail to appear at Goulburn Local Court on Wednesday, May 3. /*\n”,color:”caution”, title:”Fatal crash”, maxWidth:200, open:0}] );}if (!window.googleMaps_Icons) window.googleMaps_Icons = {};window.googleMaps_Icons[“caution”] = {“marker”:{“image”:”http://maps.gstatic苏州夜总会招聘/mapfiles/ms2/micons/caution.png”},”shadow”:{“image”:”http://maps.gstatic苏州夜总会招聘/mapfiles/ms2/micons/caution.shadow.png”}};if (!window.gmapsLoaders) window.gmapsLoaders = [];window.gmapsLoaders.push(CreateGMapgmap201739113055);window.gmapsAutoload=true;/*]]>*/

The Goulburn Post

Strike Force Shirley arrest two men after violent gun robberies in the Hunter

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CHARGED: Specialist police make the dramatic arrest of the armed robbery suspect, 30, at a Raymond Terrace address on Friday. He is the second suspect to be charged by Strike Force Shirley. Picture: NSW Police.UPDATE, 10.10am: Detectives investigating a series of armed robberies across the Hunter have announced the arrest of a further two suspects.
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Two men, aged 18 and 30, were dramatically arrested during different operations last week.

Strike Force Shirley detectives said on Monday they had arrested a 21-year-old man after finding him hiding under a bed in a Raymond Terrace home on Saturday afternoon.

He was arrested and taken to Raymond Terrace Station, where he was charged with robbery whilst armed with a dangerous weapon, and possess prohibited drug.

Police will allege he was involved in the armed robbery of the McDonalds restaurant at Heatherbrae on January 25.

Investigators also arrested a man, 32, at a motel on the Pacific Highway, Heatherbrae, about 10.30pm on Saturday.

He was taken to Raymond Terrace Station and charged with robbery whilst armed with a dangerous weapon.

Both men were refused bail to appear in Newcastle Local Court on Monday.


SPECIALIST police investigating a series of violent armed robberies across the Hunter have made their second dramatic arrest.

Strike Force Shirley investigators, made up from local detectives and those from the State Crime Command’s robbery and serious crime squad, swooped on their second suspect on Friday following an intense investigation.

The arrest, which occurred with the help of the gang squad’s Strike Force Raptor, was made following a vehicle stop on Edinburgh Street at Raymond Terrace.

The driver, 30, was taken into custody and later charged with two counts of robbery whilst armed with a dangerousweapon.

Investigators will allege the charges relate to the armed robbery of the Hunter River Hotel at East Maitland on December 5 and the hold-up of the McDonalds restaurant at Williamtown on January 25.

​The passenger in the vehicle – a 39-year-old man – was also arrested at the scene for unrelated matters.

Shortly after the arrest, two search warrants were executed at homes on Vogele Place and Brown Street atRaymond Terrace, where police allegedly located and seized a number of items relevant to the investigation.

Both men were taken to Raymond Terrace police station, where strike force detectives charged the younger man with the armed robberies.

He was refused bail.

The latest arrest camea day after images were released of masked suspects in the pub robbery, where a patron was attacked with a baseball bat as staff were threatened with a shotgun.

The men stole cash,purses, and a red tool box before escaping via the back door.

Two days before the release of the closed circuit television footage of the pub robbery, Strike Force Shirley investigators had circulated images of the suspects in the brazenMcDonalds hold-up and revealed they had conducted asearch warrant on a Raymond Terrace home.

An 18-year-old man was arrested last Tuesday and charged by Strike Force Shirley detectives with the McDonald armed robbery.

The teen is accused of storming the Nelson Bay Road restaurant with two other suspects.

Footage shows two of the bandits stayingwith staff as a third raided a safe and cash registers.

One male staff member was injured when he was struck on the arm by a baseball bat wielded by one of the bandits.

The robbery was completed within a few minutes, with startled customers in the restaurant’s carpark the first to raise the alarm after first suspecting it was a prank before seeing staff with their hands raised.

Liesl Tesch wins Gosford by-electionpoll

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WINNER: Labor Party candidate Liesl Tesch, with NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley, meets a voter during the Gosford byelection on Saturday. Never mind taking time out to savour the victory. The morning after she had secured the state seat of Gosford, Liesl Tesch was driving to Sydney, straight to Parliament House.
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“I”m going to have a look,” Liesl Tesch said from the car. When asked why she didn’t take a day offbeforestarting work, she replied, “there’ll be plenty of tomorrows”.

Making the most of each day has taken Liesl Tesch far in her 47years.

Ms Tesch spent part of her childhood in western Lake Macquarie and attended the University of Newcastle. When she was 19, Ms Tesch broke her back in a mountain bikeaccident, becoming an incomplete paraplegic.

She continued pursuing her passion for sport. Liesl Tesch is a seven-time Paralympian, in wheelchair basketball and sailing. Less than a year ago,Ms Teschwas on the medals podium with her sailing partner at the Rio Paralympics, having just won gold –just as they had in London.

Now Labor’s Member-elect for Gosfordwas about to be on the top of the stairs outside Parliament House, being photographed with Opposition Leader Luke Foley.“I just want to get a feel of what it’s like there,” Ms Tesch said. “As soon as you wheel into a stadium, you look around at the space. When I’m at the top of the steps it will be the start of a new journey and responsibilities.”

For Liesl Tesch, entering the political arena involved a lot of thought. She said it was “heart-wrenching” leaving her job as a high school geography teacherbut “I can’t describe the honour of beingselected by the people to do this job”.

Liesl gets straight to work TweetFacebook Liesl TeschIn the Gosford byelection, brought on by the resignationof MP Kathy Smithdue to ill health, the Labor Party candidate had recorded a swing of more than 11 per cent. Before the election, this was one of the state’s most marginal seats,with Labor holding it by a margin of just 0.2 per cent.

Ms Tesch said while many had votedforher, others had cast their ballot againstthe Government.

Voters had told her how disappointed they were in the lack of resources allocated tothe Central Coast. She argued that with the funding for Sydney’s big infrastructure projects, “it feels like it’s at our expense. We want more resources outside of the city.”

When Ms Tesch was announced as the Labor candidate, some were critical that she had been “parachuted” in. Ms Tesch said she understood those initial concernsbut had received support while campaigning. The transition to politics, she said, had been “all good”.

“There’s been no gunpoint in Rio [moment],” Ms Tesch joked, referring to her being robbed in the Brazilian city while training for the 2016 Paralympics.

Newcastle Writers Festival success

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Fine words draw crowds MOVING: Photographer Gary Ramage and host Dan Cox listen to singer-songwriter Fred Smith.
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MAGNETIC: Actor and author Richard Roxburgh talking at the Civic Theatre. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

WORDSMITH: “Fight Like a Girl” author Clementine Ford speaking at Newcastle Writers Festival. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Diplomat and singer-songwriter Fred Smith. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Photographer and author Gary Ramage on stage with diplomat and singer-songwriter Fred Smith, as they share war stories from Afghanistan. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Photographer Gary Ramage on the Civic Theatre stage. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

“Fight Like a Girl” author Clementine Ford speaking at Newcastle Writers Festival. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

“Fight Like a Girl” author Clementine Ford speaking at Newcastle Writers Festival. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Newcastle Writers Festival director Rosemarie Milsom on stage with actor and author Richard Roxburgh. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

A big crowd for the session with Richard Roxburgh at the Civic Theatre. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Newcastle Writers Festival director Rosemarie Milsom on stage with actor and author Richard Roxburgh. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Richard Roxburgh. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

TweetFacebookThe Shot.

“It’s been a new experience,” Mr Ramage said of speaking about his work. “I’m not used to being in front of the lens.”

Mr Ramage was on the stagewith diplomat and singer-songwriter Fred Smith, as they exchanged stories of life and death in Afghanistan.“It’s a powerful combination, images and songs,” Mr Smith said.

Actor and author Richard Roxburgh talking at the Civic Theatre. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

There were powerful words from well-known names as well, ranging from Fight Like A Girl author Clementine Ford to former child solider, now lawyer and NSW n of the Year, Deng Adut.

This was the fifth Newcastle Writers Festival, and the 85events attracted about 9000 visitors.

“That is extraordinary,” said festival director and founder Rosemarie Milsom. “The first year in 2013 there were1800, last year 6500. I had hoped we could exceed that by 500 to 600 people.There’s no way I could have envisaged 9000.”

Ms Milsom believed the growth in the festival’s popularity was partly due to the program being “jam-packed with amazing writers”.

“I think the festival’s reputation has grown,” she said. “There’s momentum now.”

“Fight Like a Girl” author Clementine Ford speaking at Newcastle Writers Festival. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

The festival’s opening night with cartoonist and writer Michael Leunig attracted about 600, while a Saturday morning session with actor and now author Richard Roxburgh drew a crowd of almost 500. Kate Saint, one of 150festival volunteers, said the film and TV star’s appearance brought “a flood of women” dashing for seats down the front.

This was Ms Saint’s second year as a festival volunteer, and she described the experience as “fabulous”.

“I haven’t been to one session that has bored me at all,” she said, adding her favourite author –“apart from him [Roxburgh]”–had been Sarah Wilson.

Rosemarie Milsom said she believed the writers festival “brings out the best in Newcastle” and confirmed the 2018 eventwould be held between April 6 and 8.

Hunter Valley Steamfest 2017 success

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Steamfest 2017 draws in the crowds | photos, video INSTA @confused_flying_monorail So many Kangaroos near the track at #huntervalleysteamfest #train #trains #steam #steamfest #steamtrain
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INSTA @christineausburn Plenty of steam today. #steamfest #steamfest2017 #maitland #sunday

INSTA @simplelifearoundaus Yesterday we hit #steamfest in Maitland #huntervalley – our boy is train mad so as part of his 3rd Birthday gift, today we are going on a steam train experience … this boy is going to smile from ear to ear !!! #howexciting #trainride #surprise

INSTA @the_copeland_crew Streamfest 🚂 #sooty #steam #trains #maitland #steamfest

INSTA @dorothy_arms Steam locomotive 3642 pulling us from Maitland to Somewhere Near Paterson this morning. Beautiful sunny autumn day to enjoy #steamfest2017 (I was brave enough to hang out an open window and enjoy the wind in my hair! Delicious.) Nick named The Pig or Miss Piggy, loco 3642 was built for NSW Government Railways in 1926 by Clyde Engineering. . . . #everything_transport #transportation #kings_transport #loves_transport #pocket_ride #splendid_transport #tv_travel #tv_transport #jj_transportation #pocket_ride #loves_vehicles #metro_affair #jj_theyards #pocket_rail #trains_worldwide #daily_crossing #railways_of_our_world #train_nerds #mymaitland #mynewcastle #australia_oz #ig_aussiepixs #visitnewcastle_aus #newcastlensw #pixnpieces #the_humdrum_chronicles #icu_australia #igaperture #australiatouristguides #steamfest

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A trifecta of bad luck: Singer Catherine Britt’s family cancer battle

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Catherine Britt with (far right) her mother-in-law Lee Beverley and (next to Catherine) her mother, Anne Britt. Photo: Simone De PeakIn a blur of radiation and chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer, singer Catherine Britt focused on her wedding day as a key goal for making it through.
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Little did Britt know when she proudly walked down the aisle, her mother Anne Britt was keeping a secret from her. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, too.

“It was unbelievable that we would get such bad luck, to be honest,” the younger Britt recalls.

“She did [hesitate] because of my wedding,” she said. “She knew something was wrong, then kept it from me because of my wedding, then told me straight after, before I went on my honeymoon.”

Mrs Britt said her daughter’s diagnosis had been “terrifying”. Her own breast cancer diagnosis was, of course, similarly alarming but found “very early”.

adly, it wasn’t the last breast cancer shock for the family. Britt’s mother-in-law Lee Beverley, also received a diagnosis of breast cancer after attending a mammogram appointment.

The three women, all now in recovery, are announcing their involvement in The McGrath Foundation’s new “Moments with Mum” campaign which is encouraging women within families to have open conversations about breast health.

They will appear in a candid online video sharing their own stories and urging other women to discuss any health issues with family members.

The women in Britt’s family credit their own conversations for saving each other’s lives.

“My mum was really the reason I went and got checked,” said Catherine Britt. “She told me ‘never leave a lump, go and get checked’.”

“I’m so glad I did because I had a very aggressive cancer,” the singer said. “We got it early enough, thankfully, thanks to my mum telling me to go – it saved my life.

“Then when everyone asked me what can we do, I asked them all to go and get checked – if they’d be putting off a doctor’s appointment or a pap smear or a mammogram … I asked if they would go and get it looked at,” said Catherine Britt.

“Everyone around me respectfully did and my mum and mother-in-law went to their mammograms early and, yeah, both caught very early breast cancers.”

While Anne Britt underwent a lumpectomy after her diagnosis, she said she feels “survivor’s guilt” after seeing Mrs Beverley go through the same arduous radiation and chemotherapy treatment as her daughter.

“It has really knocked Lee around, it knocked Catherine around too,” said Mrs Britt.

Country music singer Britt, now 32 (she was 30 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer), describes undergoing treatment as “a blur” and said telling her parents she had cancer was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done”.

Country music singer Catherine Britt: “It was unbelievable that we would get such bad luck, to be honest.” Photo: Supplied

But she said it was vital for families to talk openly about health issues.

“That’s what this whole thing is about, with The McGrath Foundation, it’s a wonderful thing to raise awareness for, that you should be having conversations with your sister, with your mum, with your aunty, with your grandma, it should be OK and not uncomfortable,” Britt said.

“You should be able to say ‘hey, have you had a health check lately’ or ‘do you know your family history’, those are the kinds of conversations we need to have.”

She said despite her openness with her own mother, some people might not feel as comfortable discussing issues such as lumps in breasts, but they needed to get past any sense of embarrassment.

“My mum saved my life and I got to save hers right back,” Britt said. Despite her own difficulties in facing cancer, the singer said she was now determined to help others.

“I’m now coming up to my two years cancer-free actually, so yeah I’m good,” she said. “There is a sense of ‘thank God, it’s over’ but now I want to focus on other people and stop this happening to somebody else.”

Brekkie BlogSunday, April 9 2017

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DIRECT HIT: Lightning hits a street light in East Devonport. Picture: Supplied. North-West weather:A cold front will slowly cross Tasmania today, with a low expected to develop about the northwest and gradually move over Bass Strait. A cooler southerly flow will develop behind the front, while another low develops to the northeast of Tasmania. This low will move northwards during Monday before drifting over the Tasman Sea, while a ridge of high pressure gradually moves over Tasmania. The associated high will approach from the west on Tuesday before moving over the state, then away to the southeast on Wednesday.
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Cloudy. Very high (90%) chance of rain, becoming less likely this evening. The chance of a thunderstorm during the morning and afternoon. Light winds becoming southerly 15 to 25 km/h in the middle of the day then increasing to 25 to 35 km/h in the late afternoon. Daytime maximum temperatures between 14 and 18.

North-West news:

► The Burnie Challenge has been cancelled due to safety concerns that arose due to bad weather. Read more.

► Power outages are being experienced around Devonport. Read more.

►A dozen cars were caught up in a crash on the second lap of the race at Symmons Plains. Read more.

►A 57-year-old St Helens man drowned on the state’s East Coast on Friday. Read more.

►Autism Awareness Month Fun Day on Saturday helped to build a connect autism community. Read more.

►SPORT:Circular Head fightback to defeat the inaccurate East Devonport. Read more.

State of the NationNeedanational newssnapshotfirst thing?Well, we have you covered.

REGIONAL NEWS INSTA @low_angled_shots Retro clowns at the #royaleastershow #clown #clowns #retro#xploresydney #seeaustralia #wanderlust #skies #sky #ilovesydney #colours #colourful #rides #beautiful #justgoshoot #outdoors #getoutstayout #instadaily #niceview #primeshots #up #homebush #view #easter #cloudlovers #eastershow #sydney #instasky #sydneyroyaleastershow #bokah

►PORT PIRIE, SA:Hundreds have turned out for the Woodward Park Relay for Life. More here.

►WHYALLA, SA:Shadow AssistantMinister for Manufacturing Nick Champion believes nanotechnology could play a big part in the future of ‘s steel industry, and in particular at the Whyalla Steelworks. More here.

►ESPERANCE, WA:Police have announced the threat to the community has been safely resolved after hours of negotiating. The man was inside a bus acting in an unpredictable manner. More here.

► MANDURAH, WA:The driver of a Toyota Landcruiser was trapped in his vehicle after it rolled for unknown reasons in Lake Clifton. About 6.30pm on Friday night, the four-wheel drivewas travelling north on Forrest Highway whenit rolled north of the Old Coast Road intersection. More here.

►BUNBURY, WA:A beautiful sunny day at Hay Park saw thousands pack out the 2017 LiveLighter Bunbury Show on Saturday. There was something for everyone at the event from showbags, to prizes and an unlimited choice of food vans to fill your stomach. More here.

► KATHERINE, NT:The two detention centreescapees who left Katherine, have been captured.Territory Response Group officers deployed tyre deflation devices (TDD) and deflated one of the tyres. It was enough to eventually immobilise the vehicle and allow an arrest. More here.

►NORTH QLD:A strong line of competitors were drawn to the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust triathlon last weekend.Juniors showed they were just as capable of the challenge as their parents on Friday. More here.

►JIMBOOMBA, QLD:A Warwick man has been charged with match fixing after five harness racing properties were searched, including one at Logan Village. More here.

►ALBURY-WODONGA, NSW/VIC:Jody Martin has been in Holbrook for 17 years, and for not one of those years has she missed the district’s annual race meet. But this year was a bit different to the norm –Mrs Martintook the title of Most Elegant Lady with a Spice Clothing Albury dress. More here.

►WARRNAMBOOL, VIC:There was no shortage of people at Killarney giving their opinions on Saturday to the state government about racehorses training on the nearby Belfast Coastal Reserve. More here.

► BALLARAT, VIC:A father who almost died with his children in a horror single-car crash on Remembrance Drive has spoken out in the hope something is done along the strip before another driver is killed. More here.

►TAMWORTH, NSW: Tragedy has struck at Saturday’s Warialda Cup meeting with the death of popular North West jockey Darren Jones.Tamworth’s Jones was one of three jockeys who came down after a terrible fall in the Warialda Sprint (1100m). More here.

►BENDIGO, VIC:THUNDER and lightning have descended on central Victoria, with patrons at the Nitro Circus at Tom Flood Sports Centre ducking for cover as heavy rain arrives. More here.

►NEWCASTLE, NSW:FORMER ABC radio presenter Carol Duncan has been confirmed asone of at least two fresh faces to run on the Labor ticket in the upcoming September local government elections. More here.

►DUBBO, NSW:If you were lucky enough to purchase or win tickets to this weekend’s Westview Drive-In movie revival in Dubbo this weekend you might have overlooked some important things in all the excitement. More here.

►QUEANBEYAN, NSW: A makeshift flower memorialwas beginning to pile-up on Friday left by a community in shock at the brutal killing of a service station attendee the night before in Queanbeyan. More here.

►TAS:One of the worst crashes in the history of Supercars racing has ended the Tyrepower Tasmania SuperSprint in unbelievable scenes at Symmons Plains Raceway. More here.

►TAS:Corey Baker and Karina Dambergs are not okay with drinking and driving. But they are okay with driving drinks around the state. More here.

NATIONAL NEWS►Stockman Murray Wilkinson hasdeveloped his own secret language of whistles that he uses to direct as many as nine working cattle dogs at the same time. More here.

►Gladys Berejiklian enjoyed an “extremely positive” reception as she joined candidates on the hustings on Saturday morning, but said she expected voters to punish the government for imposing byelections upon them. More here.

►The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service says itis working hard to access national parks and State forests to assess the damage from Tropical Cyclone Debbie and restore public access to camping areas and visitor sites. More here.

►A leader of the once-feared Brothers for Life gang ambitiously boasted of making Sydney his, overseeing a period of intense violence, including five shootings, before his eventual demise. More here.

WORLD NEWS ►With one massive question of war demanding an answer, Malcolm Turnbull found himself reflecting on another moment in time, three quarters of a century ago, when the response of a relative few determined the fate of two nations. More here.

► Hours before the dozens of US air strikes in Syria in response to a chemical attack that killed more than 80 Syrians, Abdul Hamid al-Youssef was mourning the loss of his twin babies, his wife and up to 40 members of his family.More here.

►A man has been arrested after a truck was driven into a crowd on a busy shopping street in Stockholm before crashing into a department store, killing fourpeople, in what the prime minister described as a suspected terrorist attack. More here.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY …0715 – Constantine ended his reign as Catholic Pope.

1770 – Captain James Cook discovered Botany Bay on the n continent.

1926 –Publisher Hugh Hefner was born

1940 – Germany invaded Norway and Denmark.

1955 –ComedianJimmy Tingle was born

1959 – NASA announced the selection of America’s first seven astronauts.

1963 – Winston Churchill became the first honorary U.S. citizen.

1965 – TheRolling Stonesmade their first live appearance on British TV’s “Ready Steady Go!”

1970 – Paul McCartney quit theBeatles.

1990 –Actress Kristen Stewart was born

2007 – TheiTunes Music Storereached 2.5 billion songs sold.

FACES OF AUSTRALIAHow will your life matter?

These were the words spoken during the opening message attheBendigo Baptist Church on Friday, as hundreds of family and friends farewelleda man who touched the lives of so many.

Owen Vincent Curnow lived a life that mattered. As a father, a husband, a brother, a son, a friend, a colleague.

He was a man widely known throughout the Bendigo and greater central Victorian community andwill be remembered as a remarkable man who led a life well-lived. More here.

Constance Hall announces split from husband on eve of tour

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Constance Hall with her husband Bill. Photo: Facebook / Constance Hall
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Perth mummy blogger Constance Hall has announced she has split from her husband and father of her four children, telling her loyal followers she still “loves him with every inch” but that the pair had come to lead separate lives.

The Fremantle local is in Melbourne with her children as she prepares for her first sold-out UK tour in April.

“Bill isn’t here in Melbourne. We’ve made the decision to go our own ways,” she wrote.

“This decision wasn’t made lightly, obviously he has been the love of my life but we just weren’t making each other happy anymore and have lived separate lives for so long now that it just seemed to fall that way.

“I was once warned that if you make yourselves redundant to each other, you won’t find a reason to stay together. I guess that kind of happened to Bill and I.”

Constance opened up publicly about her and Bill splitting some months ago before they reconciled,sayingshe had felt “shot down” by some of the negative comments she receivedand commenting “how everyone just loves to blame women when there is a divorce”.

“Part of me has held off on sharing this because when I spoke publicly about usconsidering a break up a few months ago I was shot down with comments like “I would leave you too, you overshare every bit of your marriage,” and “I can’t blame him, you clearly don’t take pride in your home or your body,” she wrote.

“Isn’t it interesting how everyone just loves to blame women when there is a divorce?

“Poor innocent men trying to navigate through the evil calculations of manipulative women.

“She cheated cos she’s a sl-t, he cheated coz she never f—ed him, he worked too much coz she had an expensive life style, she worked too much coz she’s selfish and over ambitious, he drank too much coz she nagged all the time, she drank too much coz she’s a raging alco, she lied and claimed that the poor guy bashed her.”

“What if nobody is to blame? What if two people are just happier apart?”

The 33-year-old was ‘s highest selling author last year, selling a staggering 150,000 copies of her book, Like a Queen online.

The mother-of-fouronly had a couple of thousand Facebook followers in late 2015, when she wrote a hilarious and uncomfortablepost about parental sexon her blogThe Not So Secret Life of Us.

Since then the heavily tattooed ‘rock mum’has been thrust kicking and screaming into the international spotlight and now has more than one million fans, which she dubs “Queens”.

She thanked her ‘queens’ in her post on Friday, saying she appreciated the hugs from people on the street.

“You guys have reminded the that the world is full of beauty, I share my journey because its mine to share and anyone who judges me for it can join a long line of haters waiting for me to give a f—,” she said.

First appeared on WA Today.