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Mid-air incidents involving drones increases

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Mark Will said more information should be provided to drone users in order to prevent crashes or near misses with aircraft. Photo: Rohan ThomsonAccording to Mark Will, there’s only one guarantee when it comes to flying drones: at some point, they’re going to be crashed.
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Having flown drones for almost two years, he also runs a “drone boot camp”, which teaches new users how to safely fly the aircraft.

However, as the technology becomes more accessible, Mr Will said he wasworried there wouldbe an increasing number of incidents such as drones coming into close contact with planes or flying into restricted airspace.

“My concern is that there’s inexperienced hobbyists flying with no regulations,” he said.

“It has the potential to get worse the more they become normal in the market.”

Mr Will’s comments follow a recent report released by the n Transport Safety Bureau of mid-air incidents involving drones.

Between 2012 and 2016, more than half of all droneincidents involved near misses with aircraft and more than 60 per cent of those happenedin 2016.

It’s predicted there will be a 75 per cent increase in the number of drones being involved in near misses with aircrafts in 2017, with the report finding the number of incidents involving drones “increasing exponentially”.

Most of the incidents happened in capital cities, with Sydney accounting for 37 per cent of all near misses between drones and aircraft.

The rest of the incidents involved the drones crashing into the ground, either from a loss of control, bird strikes or engine failures.

The report did not specify how many incidents happened in Canberra, however, data from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority found two had occurred in the capital during the last year.

One involved a complaint after a drone was seen flying over a Canberra house,while another drone user was fined $900 for crashing his drone at the n War Memorial.

Drone users are not allowed to fly within 5.5 kilometres of an airport, and cannot be flown higher than 120 metres or within 30 metres of a building.

Restrictions also apply to flying drones over crowds of people.

Other restricted airspaces in Canberra also include theMajura Army Range as well as the Mills Cross Radio Telescope.

Mr Will said more information should be provided to drone users in order to prevent crashes or near misses with aircraft.

“We should consider drone ownership like dog ownership or a car licence. You as the user have to equip yourself with the knowledge and information,” he said.

“An airport is defined as an area with aircraft taking off and landing, so in theory you can’t fly within 5.5 kilometres of the South Care base in Hume or Canberra Hospital.”

While no aircrafthave been hit by a drone in , Mr Will said the outcome could be disastrous if a plane was struck.

First appeared on the Canberra Times

Queanbeyan stabbing victim Zeeshan Akbar, mourners hold vigil

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People gather for a candlelight vigil outside a Caltex service station in Queanbeyan where 29-year-old Zeeshan Akbar was fatally stabbed. Photo: Sitthixay DitthavongIn theplace where darkness struck the city, the Queanbeyan community brought light.
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Alongside the flowers that had been laid outside the Bungendore Street Caltex since news broke of cashierZeeshanAkbar’s murder, mourners brought candles in honour of the 29-year-old.

Worshippers from the Queanbeyan West mosque Mr Akbar attended organised the Saturday night candlelight vigil.

The tribute followed a special prayer vigil at the mosque, where Queanbeyan PalerangRegional Council administrator Tim Overall was invited to speak about the community.

The candles were placed alongside the flowers that hadformed a small mound on the side of the road, upon which sat a portrait of Mr Akbar held upright by an improvised mix of sticks and twigs.

People visited to pay their respects steadily through the night, altering their dog walking routes or parking alongside the petrol station to read the tributes.

29-year-old Zeeshan Akbar was fatally stabbed. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong

Others slowed their vehicles while passing the service station, where blue tarps remained over the bowsers and investigators continued to inspect the scene.

The mourners encircled the candles and offered quiet prayers or touched Mr Akbar’s portrait.

Mr Akbar’s co-worker Mohammed Tassawar said his friend was a compassionate, generous man who had never raised his voice at a customer.

He saw Mr Akbar on Wednesday, when he came in to visit the manager.

“Whenever he used to come here, he was very nice to all the staff,” he said.

“We were very friendly and got on well with the customers. The locals are always thinking of us.”

Mr Tassawar said the manager sent himand others a text message encouraging them to attend the candlelight vigil earlier on Saturday.

Other members of the community outside the mosque joined in the vigil.

“Local people are coming continuously here,” he said.

“People are very good here in the community. One of the elderly ladies who often comes in, I saw her yesterday coming and laying flowers here.”

The cricket match Mr Akbar was due to be playing on Saturday was cancelled.

Tributes have been received across social media and from overseas, including Mr Akbar’s native Pakistan.

First appeared on the Canberra Times

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day celebrated with free session on April 29 at Market Street Lawn

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AS ONE: Community members take part in a free event at Civic Park last year for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, which involves people around the world coming together to share a common vision of hope and healing. I have never tried Tai Chi but have often been intriguedwhen I have seen people doing Tai Chi at various locations in Newcastle.
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Quite often I will see someone quietly going about their business early in the morning at Merewether Baths or on the beach.

It always looks so relaxing and I have often thought I would like to give it a go to experience for myself what it is all about.

Hunter residents get the chance to do just that this month when AmandaHeidke, instructor at the Tai Chi Centre, holds a free community session at 10am on April 29 at Market Street Lawn.

The session will be part of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, which is held in hundreds of cities, spanning 80 nations and involvestens of thousands of people around the world comingtogetherto share a common vision of hope andhealing.

I spoke with Amanda about the event last week and the benefits of doing Tai Chi.

My first question was how do you describe Tai Chi to someone who has never experienced it.

It is complex, she told me, but could be explained “as a series of slow and graceful movements, which we call forms”.

“In a nutshell,” Amanda said.“Tai Chi can be described as a complete system for focusing and balancing body, mind and spirit for living a long, healthy and happy life.

“Not everyone is aware that Tai Chi is in fact an ancient Chinese martial art, the health and relaxation aspects are really side effects.

“The flowing movements contained within a Tai Chi form disguise the focus, strength, control and coordination required to first learn and then relax into the movements.One of the biggest obstacles new students face is relearningcorrect posture and body alignment, which we have forgotten during the course of our busy life.”

I was also interested to know who can in fact do Tai Chi because I see people of varying ages doing it around town.

“It is accessible to almost anyone,” she said.“We have students of all ages and physical capabilities. From people who havebeen dancers, boxers, football players and external martial artists [judo, karate]who are looking to refocus their energy, to relax and realign their bodies.

“To those who are recovering from surgery, managing heart conditions, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain depression and anxiety.”

The health benefits are many, Amanda told me, the most immediate being “a clearer and more relaxed mind and a greater ability to deal with difficult situations with less stress and anxiety”.

“Several weeks of very simple movementswill improveflexibility, strengthand balance, with other benefits including improvedfunctioning of internal organs, better breathing and improved sleep,” she said.

People can turn up on the day to Market Street Lawn, which was chosen as a location because Amanda “liked the idea of bringing people into the heart of our beautiful city to connect with each other”.

Renee Valentine is a writer, qualified personal trainer and mother of three. [email protected]苏州夜总会招聘.au.

INSTRUCTOR: Amanda Heidke, from the Tai Chi Centre, wants to share the benefits of Tai Chi with Newcastle during a free session on April 29 at Market Street Lawn.

Woman kicked unconscious as gang terrorises Melbourne’s north-west

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The woman told Channel Seven she was hit in the head when she tried to help a young man being threatened. Photo: Twitter: @7NewsMelbourneA woman was kicked unconscious during a rampage by a gang of youths in Melbourne’s north-west on Saturday.
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Police say the crime spree started in Mickleham just before 3amwhen three males got out of a dark blue car and approacheda parked car in a Mount Ridley Road car park.

The trio tried to force their way into the car but were thwarted and drove away.

Police say about half-an-hour later, the same group approached a 22-year-old man who was starting ashift at a Woolworths supermarket in Craigieburn.

The victim, Nicolas Tonna, told 9 News that the men were armed with cricket bats and a knife.

“I was approached by about three to four African males, all dressed in black and face covered and everything, and all brandishing weapons asking for everything I have,” he said.

They stole his wallet, phone and keys and drove off in his 1998 Holden Commodore sedan with registrationPGJ 268.

Five minutes later, the stolen car pulled up alongside a group of teenagers who were walking along AitkenBoulevard on the way to Craigieburn North McDonald’s.

Police say that a 40-year-old woman who was picking up her teenage daughter intervened and was hit in the head.

A witness, Alex Drnford, told 7 News that one of the males swung a bat at the woman’s head but missed.

“Because she dodged it, the guy flung his foot up and kicked her in the head,” he said.

The Craigieburn woman was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The same group is then believed to have gone to a BP service station in Geelong Road, Brooklyn, about 5am.

Police say three males, armed with a wooden bats and knife, held up the store for cash and cigarettes before demandingthat a man at the bowser hand over his car keys.

The man pleaded with the trio not to take his car and they left without stealing anything from him.

Police say they are looking for four males of African or Pacific Islander appearance.

The Commodore has not been recovered.

Any witnesses or anyone with information should callCrime Stopperson 1800 333 000.

First appeared on The Age.

Family who lost houses in Brisbane floods gifted rent-free luxury home for year

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Daniel, Helen and Zander Gallo outside their home at Luscombe after 1.5 metres of floodwater went through it on April 3. Photo: Lisa Maree WilliamsA stranger has come to the rescue of the Gallo family by offering them a temporary luxury home rent-free for a year, after raging floodwaters washed away one house on their property and inundated the other before theireyes.
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Almost a week ago the family of four and theirtwo dogswere plucked from the roof of their father-in-law’s home in Luscombe, 45 kilometressouth-east of Brisbane,by SES crews. Momentslater, the house wasripped apart by the swollen river, while the family’s main home saw 1.5 metres of floodwaters tear through it, leaving them with only what they were carrying –a handful of clothes.

But on Thursday, a good Samaritanwas listening to the ‘Lend a Hand’segment on radio station Triple M. SteveScanlanoffered the family a five-bedroom house in Eight Mile Plains, south-east of the Brisbane CBD.

Mr Scanlan said his previous tenants had just moved outwhen he heard the Gallofamily’s “incredible story” and said they should be comfortable in theiraccommodation, with the property featuring an indoor spa, heated pool, twoen suites and a recent refurbishment.

“It’s the perfect place for them to get their feet back on the ground and not have to worry,” he said.”I knew this is what I had to do.”

Mr Scanlan offered his property rent-free for a year and said he was able to afford it, but would have to make some changes in his life.In particular, he said an overseas holiday he had planned would have to wait.

“I’d be happy to not go on a holiday for 10 years to give this family this house,” he said.

“It doesn’t even matter at the end of the day, after seeingwhat these people have gone through.”

74 Blue Grass Crescent, Eight Mile Plains, was donated to the Gallo family rent-free for a year. Photo: Supplied

Mr Scanlan said his greatest worry was whether his new tenants would like the house or find themselvestoo far away fromfriends and family.

However, if the Gallos did like the home, Mr Scanlan was happy to discuss extending their stay.

Helen Gallo said she was “completely overwhelmed” when she heard the offer live on radio. She said the community had been incredibly supportive after the tragedy, with people coming from as far asToowoomba to help them clean up.

“My family, the community, the street are amazing,” Ms Gallo said.

“We’ve got neighbours putting on a barbecue and people rocking up with gloves, water,food and they’re off working to clean up.”

The family’s ordeal started about11.30pm on Monday, when the nearby Albert River broke its banks and sent raging floodwaters across the property.

Ms Gallo gathered her family at the american-style barn where her father-in-law lived because it was higher than the main residence and to ensure everyone stayed together. However, within 45 minutes the water had risen to the landing,by 1am the attached garage had been washed away and the family were left clinging to the roof of the barn.

Ms Gallo said shehad her feet braced against the gutter with her two children, 11-year-old Zander and eight-year-old Sienna,behind her to ensure no one slid off into the water. Meanwhileher 70-year-old father-in-law John and two husky pups, Storm and Thunder, were sheltering inside the house.

Ms Gallo’s husband Daniel was only reunited with his family later after trying several different roads to reach them but finding all were cut off.

“It just came so fast,” Ms Gallo said.

“There was once when I thought, ‘this could be it’.

“But you just have to stay strong and be a rock for your kids.”

After making 16 calls to emergency services and communicating withtriple-zerooperators, Ms Gallo saw the rescue boat atthe end of her street.

“I was just so relieved,” she said.

“They had kept telling me previously that ‘we just can’t get to you’ due to the force of the water.”

Logan SES controllerJim Ferguson and his team said the water was so strong it took them an hour to travel about 1.5 kilometres up the river with the motoron the boat going flat out.

Afterspending about three hours on the roof of thebarn, the Gallos wererescuedminutes before the building was washed away and crushed.

“It’s like one of those things you see in the movie, when you actually see it and think of the weight and how much pressure is in that water you just think ‘wow’,” Ms Gallo said.

“I’m just so thankful they (the SES) did what they did.”

The family had owned the propertyfor four years and long-term residents in the area said they had never seen water do what it did to the Gallos’ home.

Both buildings wereinsured, but Ms Gallo was waiting to find out what the policies would cover.

Ms Gallo and her two children were staying at her sister’s house, while Mr Gallo and a few mates were staying in a donated caravan on-site to guard against looters who were ransacking the area.

They werehoping to see Mr Scanlan’s offered house next week and give their children some normality after the trauma of the flood.

First appeared on the Brisbane Times.