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Newcastle Hunter Rugby Union: Southern Beaches claim late first round win away against Maitland

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Southern Beaches coach Johan Laurens joked that he had a couple of stroke scares in his team’s last-gasp 22-20 win against Maitland at Marcellin Park on Saturday.
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OVER THE LINE: Southern Beaches. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

The visitors prevailed in a thrillingNewcastle and Hunter Rugby Union season opener after reclaiming the lead from the Blacks with a try scored on the brink of full-time by substitute and league convert James Vaka.

After receiving an unexpected penalty in front of the posts Beaches opted to strive for victory rather than level proceedings with a gift three points and it paid dividends whenthe 2015 Lakes premiership winner madethe most of an overlap.

“I reckonI had two strokes along the way,” Laurens said.

James Vaka

“And I keep getting greyer with games like that.”

Prior to sealing the result, Beaches hadn’t scored in the second half after leading 17-7 at the main break.

Delore brothers Michael and Andrew crossed for Beaches during the first half along with prop Matthew Lanzini while New Zealand recruit Travis Brooke was the only player to make inroads for Maitland in the opening 40 minutes.

Brooke’s double was secured early in the second half and was followed by back-to-back penalty goals from insidecentre Jye Estatheo, giving the Blacks a 20-17 advantage approaching the dying stages.

“We’d been going really well up until half-time, but I think the boys got a little complacent after that,” Laurens said.

“The Blacks had a different idea and really took it to us in the second half.

“In the end we adjusted and started getting back to our systems and processes, but by that point we were trailing.”

Beachesretain the Hawthorne Cup after holding it at the end of last season.

Over at No.2 Sportsground and Wanderers led from start to finish in a close battle with Merewether Carlton, eventually triumphing 19-10.

Two Blues coach Viv Passi said it was a typical first round encounter with plenty of mistakes, but he was most pleased with debutants Nikolas Mylonas, Douglas McKillop, Carel Strydom, Gus Locke and Josh McCormack.

“They all came in and did a good job,” Passi said.

Elsewhere,University edged out Nelson Bay 16-10 at Bernie Curran Oval, two-time defending premiers Hamilton ran in eighttries as part of a 52-15 demolition of The Waratahs at Passmore Oval while Lake Macquarie eased past Singleton 39-15 at Walters Park.

LADDER: Hamillton, Lake Macquarie, Southern Beaches 5, Wanderers, University 4, Maitland, Nelson Bay 1, Merewether, SIngleton, The Waratahs 0.

Meanwhilethe NSW Country women’s team, featuring 10 Hunter representatives, finished runner-up at theSouthern States Championships in Wagga Wagga on Saturday.

The Corellas, who next play Sydney in Pittwater on April 23 before nationals on the Gold Coast in May,beat Victoria 49-12 after going down 12-0 to the ACT.

PHOTOS: Wanderers v Merewether Carlton at No.2 Sportsground

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SEASON PREVIEW: Who will win the 2017 premiership?

Decor and Design: How to create the perfect dining room

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The n Interior Design Awards shortlistThese design trends have an expiry dateThe interior trends you’ll love in 2017
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A thought experiment: Cast your mind back to your most-cherished memories at home with your loved ones. It could be a conversation over a glass of red wine and a slow-cooked stew, a board game night on a cold winter’s evening or something else entirely. Whatever you recall, I’ll hazard a guess that some of those recollections happened at the kitchen table.

Informal dining areas have always been important – but now that many people in heritage houses are converting their formal dining rooms to home offices or forgoing the space entirely in new builds, they have become indispensable.

If you’re pressed for space, a round table can work well, as it allows for the maximum amount of seating in a small area.

The Eero Saarinen pedestal table, also known as a tulip table, is a mid-century classic that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Many companies, including IKEA, produce similar-looking designs if the price of the real thing gives you sticker shock.

Pair one with the sinuous curves of bentwood chairs such as Le Corbusier’s B9 armchair, another classic, for an on-trend look that will also stand the test of time.

Another direction is mix-and-match seating – for example, a combination of different styles such as bentwood and spindle-back chairs with timber stools, or the same style of chair in different colours.

Lighting is all important for a cosy, convivial mood.

For pendants, the general rule of thumb is that the bottom of the light should be 75 centimetres above the table top, but this can depend on personal preference, ceiling heights and furniture sizes.

One of my favourite designs is Poul Henningsen’s PH lamp. Launched in 1925 following a decade of experimentation, the PH has layered shades to create a soft, diffused light. The inner side of one of the elements is red to bring the harsh white of the electric globe back to a warmer hue.

Fiona Parry-Jones, of Von Haus Interior Design Studio, says there is a move towards oversized pendant lights in informal dining areas.

“Oversized lighting adds a bit of drama and creates conversation,” she says. “It’s a talking point that brings the audience together.”

Materials are another important consideration. For those with young children, hard-wearing laminate tabletops can be a good option (check out Hay’s T12 table for a great-looking version).

That said, timber and marble tables can develop a beautiful patina over time, if you’re the sort of person who can handle a bit of wear and tear.

Sally Bevan, founder of online interior design and styling service Milray Park, says that the desire for materials that show marks and stains is itself a direction in interiors.

“People are looking for things that have a bit of character,” she says.

“The preference is for something that has been banged up a bit.”

Budget measures to encourage migrants out of capital cities

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The Turnbull government is considering new measures to encourage more migrants to settle in regional or remote areas to relieve pressure on house prices and infrastructure in Sydney and Melbourne.
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With one month until budget day, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says his department is working closely with the treasury and finance departments to assess the likely impact of a possible shift in the migration program.

House prices rose 19 per cent in Sydney and 16 per cent in Melbourne in the year to March, locking more people out of the market.

The government is believed to be looking at the NSW central coast and Goulburn as key areas that could host migrants who might otherwise settle in Sydney.

Ahead of a major speech by Treasurer Scott Morrison on housing affordability – an issue which is set to be the centrepiece of his second budget – Mr Dutton said ‘s 190,000-strong annual migration intake had to be driven by ‘s national interest.

“There are ways we are looking at that we might be able to provide support to people to choose a regional city, for example, if they can find work there,” the minister told Sky News on Sunday.

Describing housing affordability as a “whole of government effort”, Mr Dutton said there were good reasons many migrants wanted to settle in the capital cities, including access to jobs and proximity to family and expat communities.

But getting them to move “beyond the city limits” and directing them towards regional centres could bring many benefits, he said.

“If we can encourage more of that – people moving away from capital cities – then I think that’s something we can embrace.

“The argument is how can we marry them up with regional communities where there is a supply of work, where there is the ability to send kids to school? Living in regional towns is a great way to raise a family, a great way to be involved more intimately in the life of that community. And housing and the cost of living otherwise has the potential to be much cheaper than living in a capital city.”

Is goalscoring a skill Socceroos can afford to overlook?

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The robust debate about whether the A-League’s top-scoring n, Jamie Maclaren, is good enough for the Socceroos tells us everything about what’s wrong with player development. Who sees the wood for the trees?
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Maclaren scores goals, and goalscoring is a skill. How you arrive at the ball, and what you do with it, in the nanosecond when the ‘chance’ usually arrives is what makes goalscorers the most precious commodity in the game. Not that you’d know it.

Listen to the commentariat, and the judgement about Maclaren is all about whether he can play in a ‘system’. Mark Viduka once famously said the only system he knew about was a hot-water system. In those days, strikers were measured by their goals. These days it seems they’re measured by their GPS.

What’s not in doubt is that Maclaren is a goal-poacher – 38 goals in 50 games since joining the Roar last season – and the national team needs goals. This is not so much about whether Maclaren deserves to be picked, it’s more about whether a player like him deserves to be picked. That’s the dilemma.

For decades, the philosophers have agonised about why struggles to produce players who can master the ball in the area where it counts – the goalscoring zone. Over the years, there have been a thousand theories, and almost as many re-calibrations of programs designed to manufacture these type of players. Truth is, there’s only one solution. Repetition. Which takes time.

Strangely enough, in the era of full-time professionalism, time to develop skills is seemingly in short supply. has made great strides tactically, but the technical revolution has been neglected. The key contributing factors to most goals – crossing, shooting and heading – are ancillary to game-based training in both junior and senior programs. You reap what you sow.

In my memory, no n player has ever hit a dead ball better than Con Boutsianis. In the A-League era, only Nebojsa Marinkovic comes close to his level of unerring consistency, but he’s a Serb. Boutsianis is passionate about re-focusing player development on goalscoring. He’s spent years fine-tuning a methodology so advanced its attracting huge interest from overseas. But in his own country he’s ignored.

Boustianis, and other former NSL players like Zlatko Nastevski and Peter Katholos, have been trying to convince clubs and elite programs to invest in specialist coaching, but the door usually gets shut in their face. A-League coaches aren’t inclined to engage specialist coaches, while the development curriculum also sidelines one-on-one skills training.

Boutsianis remains unequivocal. “With kids, we’re not teaching the fundamentals. That starts with a dead ball, that’s where you learn the mechanics. There are 20 ways to kick a ball. Once you get that sorted, you switch to a moving ball. That’s how you take the game from A to B. But we’re not asking the right questions about why our players struggle with the basic skills. Let’s stop the bullshit about possession, and start focusing on how to score goals.”

How? Ten to 12 hours per week training, building up to 50,000 touches of the ball. That’s the Boutsianis mantra. Incredibly, full-time pros in the A-League struggle to get to those benchmarks. Poignantly, there’s evidence that a growing number of them are getting frustrated by the rigidity of their training and have started to engage in secret one-on-one sessions to work on their skills.

A-League coaches often lament the poor technique they inherit, but few do much about it. Factor in their average weekly training schedule – recovery, rest, fitness sessions, defensive shape, offensive shape, 7v7, 8v8, 11v11 – and they’ll tell you there’s not much time left for crossing and finishing drills.

A good strength and conditioning coach will incorporate ball work in the warm-up, but it’s not the same. Indeed the same strength and conditioning coaches will often forbid players doing ‘extras’ after training because of the modern-day obsession with loading. Hitting too many dead balls risks soft-tissue injuries, so the story goes.

Like Boutsianis, former Central Coast Mariners coach Phil Moss believes the game needs to re-think it’s approach. And he’s seen the issues from the inside: “Individual skill, at the top level, is about execution under pressure. That’s what creates the exciting moments, the goals, we all want to see. But to get there, we need to change the system, the program. If we do that, if we create more time for specialist coaching, things will improve dramatically. I’m sure of that.”

And so we come to this. Forty years after the introduction of a coaching and development pathway, the game still lacks goalscorers, and there’s no sign the production line will be making up the deficit anytime soon. If you’ve screamed at the TV when a fullback puts a simple cross over the byline, or a striker shoots wildly over the bar from close range, you get the big picture.

Putting the ball in the net is as much about individual skill as collective effort. Perhaps more so. So instead of talking about what Maclaren can’t do, start talking about what he can do. Do that, and we start to identify the crux of the problem. The next step is to do something about it.

Youth Week Drive In in Dubbo 2017photos

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A weekend at the drive-in to celebrate our youth INSTA @eden.gunter The drive-in was syst-o-matic, hydr-o-matic, ultr-o-matic, why it could be greased lightning (dundundundundundundundun) 🏎⚡️🍦
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INSTA @yafscape Best Youth Week event in #westviewdrivein #dubbocityyouthcouncil #dubbo

INSTA: @annrky Ready and waiting for the movie to start at the drive-in. Pretty exciting for all of us, as none of us have ever been to a drive-in before 🎥🚗

INSTA @starbons I am at a drive-in.

INSTA @amythorncock Drive in 📽🍿 #drivein #movies #westviewdrivein #dirtydancing #ivehadthetimeofmylife

INSTA @dale_johnson95 Day 98/365 Busy day today in Dubbo. Had three kids games of soccer starting at 9am (they all won 😃), then had a nice little lunch with the family, went and saw a close friend then finally to the drive in tonight to see grease!!! It was a full on day but a great one at that, only a few more hours before heading home tomorrow ☺️ #takelifesjourneyonestepatatime #lookbackat2k17 #newchapterofmylife2k17

INSTA @fotosbyfee We had the time of our lives #westviewdrivein #driveinmovie #saturdaynight #timeofourlives #dirtydancing #grease #fotosbyfee #youthweek #dubboyouthweek

INSTA @fotosbyfee Maree Barnes sharing her wonderful dorky Drive-In memories. So much fun at the weekend re-opening of the Westview Drive-In #westviewdrivein #drivein #dubbo #youthweek #remanising #timeofourlives #saturdaynight #grease #dirtydancing #fotosbyfee

INSTA @tahlia_rhiann #dubbodrivein #goodnight #westviewdrivein #youthweek #favemovie #dirtydancing #ihadthetimeofmylife

INSTA @ediee_marie Night at the drive in #westviewdrivein #dirtydancing #drivein

INSTA @an81gel Stranded at the Drive in!.X. #westviewdrivein #dubbocity @dubbocity

INSTA @faye_jones Stranded at the drive-in. Branded a fool. #westview #westviewdrivein #grease #dirtydancing #doubledip #twomovies #dubbo #dubboskies #dubboyouthweek

INSTA @lottymack So excited for the one off re-opening of #dubbo’s Westview Drive in and to be here tonight for the viewing of #grease 😊 #smiledubbo #westviewdrivein #dubbo #centralwestnsw #nsw #visitcentralnsw #driveinmovie #grease #vintagecars #holden #holdenspecial

INSTA @teesha_anne DRIVE-IN MOVIE feels… can’t believe this was the luxury back in the days to casually sit back in your car to watch a movie in your Pjs and chill out and still be able to talk. Time to watch ‘Top Gun’ for the first time in full swing at the WestView Drive In Movies 🌟 #westviewdrivein #driveinmovies #movies #oldschool #topgun #classic #feelgood #experience #instagood #instacool #chill #olddays #memories #

INSTA @robbo_mac Move is about to start at the #drivein #westviewdrivein 😀

INSTA @hayleynels #westviewdrivein time! #willywonkaandthechocolatefactory #blakefirsttimeatadrivein #dubbo #youthweek

INSTA @solid_signs Movies #dubbo #driveinmovies #cinema #stuff #westviewdrivein

TweetFacebook Dubbo Drive InDrive-in countdown is over13 things you need to know about the drive inThe long-waited Dubbo Drive In was a success.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the weekend here and share your photos on Instagram.